MSW Saturday Cricket
The following items are provided annually with each player registration:

  • Longsleeve playing shirt - white with UQCC & sponsor logos
  • Club training shirt - maroon & blue with UQCC and sponsor logos

These items of clothing will be distributed from the clubhouse on Sunday, 4 September 2016. Any player who misses this collection day will need to make arrangements for collection with their team coach or manager.

Playing and training shirts are worn by players in games and at training. It is also expected that players wear either the UQCC club cap or sunhat - see below.

Additional Club Clothing & Kit
The following additional UQCC items can be purchased - either at the UQCC uniform collection day (4 September) or from the clubhouse:

  • Caps - navy blue with embroidered UQCC logo
  • Sunhats - cream with embroidered UQCC logo
  • Training Shorts - navy with embroidered UQCC logo

Playing Equipment
The Club provides every team with a kit bag that contains a full complement of cricketing gear - bats, pads, gloves, protectors, helmets, stumps, bails, balls, scorebook, boundary markers etc.

5 Year UQCC Juniors Baggy Cap
If 2017/18 will be your 5th season of playing MSW Saturday cricket for UQCC Juniors (i.e. you commenced in the 2013/14 season and have played every season since) then you will have earned a 5 Years UQCC Juniors Baggy Cricket Cap

The Cap is to recognise the commitment of those Juniors who have played for UQCC Juniors for 5 years, with the presentation at the commencement of their 5th season.  It is not based on cricket ability, nor on playing a season or two and cannot be purchased.  Rather it's awarded by the UQCC Juniors to recognise the commitment and loyalty of the player to UQCC Juniors.  It's something that we'd like all our Juniors to aspire to earn. 


In2Cricket & T20 Blast

Attendees will receive their Player Packs at the first session of these programs. Details of what included in player packs can be found  here:

All coaching and playing equipment is provided at each session.