All senior and junior teams are operated by various UQCC office bearers, coaches and volunteers (organisers, coaches, managers, scorers etc) who give their time so that children can play cricket and enjoy one of the great games.

Please feel free to make suggestions and provide feedback to improve the UQCC Juniors.

Also consider the domino or knock on effect of making idiosyncratic requests simply to suit yourself or your child.

Treat coaches, managers and volunteers at the UQCC Juniors with the respect that volunteers deserve, and feel free to volunteer yourself.


MSW Saturday Cricket

Super 8s, Under 10 and Under 11:

  • Super 8s players are expected to be able to bowl the ball overarm. Cricket pitches at this age are 15m in length.
  • Players must not advance from Super 8s to Under 10 unless they can bowl 5 out of 6 balls on the pitch.
  • Requests to play in the same team with friends can be made for Super 8s, Under 10 and Under 11 by discussing with the UQCC Junior Coaching Coordinator or contacting Playing with existing friends can make the game more fun for younger age groups and UQCC Juniors will attempt to accommodate these requests, but can’t guarantee the requested outcome.
  • A 'basic' grading is undertaken for Under 11 players that aims to select teams and place them in MSW Divisions playing with and against players of similar level.
  • After teams are sorted and announced, changes will not be made to accommodate requests to play with friends etc.

Grading – Under 12 and above:
  • All players are sorted into teams according to their playing level so that they play with and against players of similar level. This is important for safety reasons as well as for player development and enjoyment of the game.
  • The ethos of the UQCC (Juniors and Seniors) is that players make friends (some life-long) with members of their UQCC team rather than bring cliques based upon schools or other associations into the Club.  This is an important part of a player development not only for cricket but as a person.
  • As a result, UQCC Juniors is unable to accommodate requests for players from Under 12 and above to play in the same team as their friends.

Playing in your age group – Under 10 to Under 14:
  • Age group is determined by age as at 31 August. i.e. if a player is aged 11 years as at 31 August 2016, their default age group is Under 12.
  • There is an expectation that players will play in their correct age group. Players playing in an age group above their own age group is rarely beneficial to the player and can be detrimental to a player’s development and confidence.
  • Very good players playing in their correct age group have the opportunity to perform very well, which increases their confidence and ability.  It also increases their opportunity to be noticed for representative cricket trials and selection.
  • Requests to play in higher age groups must be made to the the UQCC Junior Coaching Coordinator. They will nominate a coach to assess the player to determine if it is appropriate for them to play in a higher age group.  That decision will be final.
  • Coaches may also request players to play in a higher age group.

Registration and refunds
  • Registering to play cricket for the UQCC is a commitment.  Once a player has registered and paid fees, he or she has committed to play for UQCC in the team in which they’re placed.
  • Refunds of fees will not be made, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Changing your mind not to play is not an exceptional circumstance.